Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. #inerstellarQuote

Lets think about that.... hmmmm being in love with someone and you are trapped in another time on another planet.. Will and can your love vibrates to your partner back on Earth. #HeartSpirit  I believe it can.. Love is a Vibration.. A huge Vibration.. It is like a magical dust that controls your every thought.. your every movement.. Love can make you do strange things. and on the plus side of it .. It feels so good especially when the one you love.. Loves you back... It becomes one Beat.. One Soul.. One Spirit Vibration.

Just imagine If Love Vibrations would to hit us all at once.. Everyone on this planet would experience the magical Vibration. The humans on this planet would discovered what pure love is really about... In this world would be peace on Earth.. No crime... No Hate.. No Evil.. Just pure love vibrating throughout the heart and souls .. And with that much high level of vibration.. It would go throughout the universe.. to distant galaxies.. 

Opening up Dimensions from each planet in the Universe.. That would be so Awesome!! Picture that.. Our World would communicate from a HeartSpirit.. Letting and inviting Other Spirits in..  Peace and Love on Earth.  The Essence of a vibration Love Light creating a new planet that we call Earth.